Celebrate and name your child



I will officially introduce your child and the name you have chosen to give them, explain the role of your child's guide/god/guard parents, and ask your family and friends to all play a part in helping you to raise your child.


  • A ceremony to share your child's story so far and your hopes and dreams for their life ahead

  • Ideas to make your child's ceremony all about them

  • Ideas to include family and friends

  • One face-to-face meeting (if you can juggle it)

  • Sound system (if we need to use it)

  • Keepsake certificate

  • At a location of your choice within 50km of Mount Lawley

Fee $400

Tiny Feet - For couples who want to officially name their child surrounded by family and friends. I write a ceremony that tells the joy that your baby has brought into your life, the dreams you have for their future and why you chose their name.
A Toddler and a Baby