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Updated: Apr 23

It's your wedding day! Your emotions are going to be all over the place. So how do you stay in the moment, calm your nerves and enjoy every second of one of the most important and amazing days of your life? Here's five tips.

Tip #1 Breathe

Stop and deep breathe from your belly not high up in your chest. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and slowly out again for 8 counts. Your mind will settle and your nerves will calm.

Tip #2 Eat and drink

Have a grazing plate or nibbles set up so you and your wedding party can snack while getting ready. Take time to enjoy what you're eating. Look at the food, smell it then taste it and hold the flavour in your mouth for a while. It might be tempting to pop the champers but you also need to stay hydrated so drink lots of water. Have a hot drink. Hold the warm mug in your hands, sip slowly, while taking in everything around you.

Tip #3 Be thankful

Wedding days don’t always go to plan. If that happens, don't focus on what's wrong. Stop and think – what’s right and wonderful about this moment and today. Say it out loud to the people around you and let all the other stuff go!

Tip #4 Mindful cue

Have a cue to be mindful. It might be when someone asks you – How are you feeling? or Are you excited? At that moment. Stop. Listen. Look. Enjoy that moment right there and then, because it will never happen again.

Tip #5 Take everything in

You're going to be surrounded by all VIPs in your life. You're looking amazing and about to marry the love of your life. Soak up the love and good vibes that your family and friends are giving you.

Most of all, grab moments alone with your partner. Talk about how you're feeling. Special things that have happened. Smile. Enjoy.

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