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Wedding day kit - must have items for wedding day emergencies

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Help! The bridesmaid’s zip has broken! A button has popped off the groom’s trousers! The flower girl has stubbed her toe…

I’ve had so many potential disasters happen and usually just before the ceremony is due to start. Besides having a calm approach to these situations, I also take a ‘wedding disaster kit’ with me – just in case. It's come in handy so many times and guests are surprised at what's in it.

Wedding day kit

If you haven't already, think about putting a wedding day kit together for your wedding party and also your guests. Here are some must-have-items to have on hand to manage wardrobe, first-aid and make-up situations quickly and easily.



Bobby pins

Clear nail polish (to stop a stocking hole from getting bigger)



Corsage pins

Sewing kit


Safety pins

Double-sided tape

Earring backs

Emery board

Facial tissues

Hair spray (travel size)

Insect spray


Pain relief tablets

Antihistamine tablets (in case of stings)

Small scissors


Baby wipes (for taking off make-up smudges on collars and suits, and dresses


Nail scissors

Small mirror

Water (lots of it)

Lip balm

Baby wipes (come in handy and have so many uses)

Mints or breath fresh spray

Eye drops

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