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The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) is a legal document for any couple getting married in Australia. The NOIM must be lodged no later than one (1) month before your wedding date. Follow the steps below.

The fee for lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage is *$190. 

Step 1.   Download the NOIM for your Marriage Application from this link or the Celebrant will email an online link and instructions. 

Step 2Fill out the form online then print the NOIM.

Step 3.  Have the NOIM witnessed by a Doctor (GP), Lawyer, Justice of the Peace or Police Officer, or by appointment at the Celebrant's office.

Step 4Provide Identification Documents i.e Passport or Birth Certificate and Driver's Licence. 

Step 5.  Pay the $190 invoice within 2 days of lodgement of the NOIM


The date the witnessed and signed NOIM, and your documentation is received is the date that the NOIM is lodged and the one (1) month waiting period begins. The NOIM remains valid for 18 months.


A letter of support can be provided on request, stating that the NOIM has been lodged and the date that the marriage is to take place. This is included in the $190 fee. 


Signing the NOIM

  • If one party to the marriage is not able to sign the NOIM, the other party can sign and lodge the NOIM on their behalf.

  • The other party must sign the NOIM before the marriage ceremony can take place.

Who can witness the NOIM?

  • The NOIM can be witnessed by an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, Doctor, Lawyer, Justice of the Peace, or Police Officer. 

  • If you are living overseas the NOIM must be witnessed and stamped by a Public Notary in your country. The date the NOIM (scanned and emailed) is received by the Celebrant, is the date of lodgement, and the one month waiting period begins.

  • If your partner is overseas, you can lodge the NOIM on their behalf.

Who can marry in Australia?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can marry in Australia, irrespective of their nationality or their partner's nationality.

  • Couples are not required to be Australian Citizens or have Permanent Residency in order to legally marry in Australia.

What identification is needed?

  • You are each required to provide proof of your place of birth and identity.

  • An Australian or Overseas Passport will do both of these. Alternatively a Birth Certificate and Driver's Licence can be used. There are other options that can be provided on request.

  • If you have been married before, you must provide documents that show how and when the marriage ended, for example divorce, annulment, or death of a partner. 

How soon can we be married?

  • There is a one month waiting period from the date the NOIM is lodged with the Celebrant.  

  • In certain circumstances, a Shortening of Time may be granted by the Registrar of Births Deaths Marriages. A fee is payable for the application.

* Please note, if you have booked a wedding ceremony or elopement ceremony with the Celebrant, the fee is included in the price. 
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