Your ceremony starts your wedding, so let's make it stand out! 

LUXE when you want it ALL  


The LUXE is a full service ceremony for the couple who want to have the ultimate experience. This ceremony includes entrance of the wedding party, music playing, exchange of personal vows and rings, poems and rituals (if that’s your thing), through to walking out together to applause and congratulations from your family and friends.

I'll arrive early to check everything is ready to go with the venue co-ordinator and other wedding suppliers, assist where needed, and be a welcoming face for your guests as they arrive.

You'll have me helping and guiding you from when you book your wedding to standing with you on your big day making sure that your ceremony flows seamlessly and everyone has a fabulous time. 

This includes:

  • Full draft ceremony sent one month before your wedding date for review and with endless rewrites (if needed) until you feel it's 100% perfect. 

  • Rehearsal (if required and usually the week of your wedding).

  • Handling of legal documentation including Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and registration of marriage with Births Deaths Marriages after your ceremony.

  • Professionally delivered ceremony that showcases you as a couple.

  • Professional quality sound system and microphone.

  • Vow coaching. If you don’t know where to start with writing your personal vows, I am more than happy to help and will give you a copy of my 'Wedding Vow Inspo' guide. 

  • A 'Change Your Name' checklist if either of you are taking your partner's surname.

  • Travel within 50km from Mount Lawley.

Fee $800

Travel fee for weddings conducted in Bunbury, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay, Yallingup and Margaret River is $300. If you would like an onsite rehearsal the day before your wedding an additional $200.00 will apply for accommodation. All other locations will be quoted . 


PEARL for small weddings and

The PEARL is for the couple who want all that the Luxe offers but with no rehearsal and up to 30 guests. 


If you're eloping then this package is a great idea, especially if you want less of the fuss and to escape all the wedding planning chaos. 

Fee $700


Wedding Party

SWEET just the legals 

This is for couples who do not require a formal ceremony but still require their marriage to be registered in Australia. I'll say the bare minimum legal wording and you'll each say a  legal vow. We'll sign the marriage register and have it witnessed by your two guests. 

Available in my Mount Lawley home by appointment. 

This includes:

  • Lodgement of Notice of Intended Marriage

  • Registration of your marriage with Births Deaths Marriages Western Australia

  • Commemorative marriage certificate


Fee $400

SWEET on location

This is for couples who want to me to come to their home or a location within 50kms of Mount Lawley to sign the legal paperwork and marriage register, with two guests as witnesses.


Fee $480

Sweet Plus

This is for couples who want just a bit more than the Sweet.


What's included:

  • Some lovely wording for your ceremony 

  • Option to exchange rings and personal vows

  • Music to be played during ceremony or while signing

  • 10 guests including your witnesses


Fee $600





Beautiful wedding bouquet. From beautiful vows to telling a story about about you both, The Luxe ceremony is everything you need to make your wedding ceremony amazing.

This package is for couples who want to have all that the Luxe offers and their ceremony space beautifully styled . It's a perfect option for elopements or smaller weddings too!

What's included for the ceremony styling?

  • 24 chairs and sashes

  • Aisle decor (choice of 6 shepherd hooks with vases and florals; vases or jars with florals tied to chairs; lanterns)

  • Ivory carpet runner

  • Signing table, two chairs and florals

  • Arbour (choice of five styles) with florals (your colour choice)

  • Easel with one sign (your choice from range available)

  • One meeting onsite prior to wedding day

  • Two hour set-up on wedding day


Fee $1500


As every couple and every ceremony is different, please complete the enquiry form and I will provide you with a customised price. 

The price above includes travel within 50km from Perth CBD. Planning a ceremony further away? Contact me for a quote.

* If you would like a photographer or videographer to capture your day, let me know and I'll connect you with two wonderful companies who will give you a quote.


Frequently asked questions

When should we book our wedding date?

As soon as possible! (Bet you knew that already). There are definitely months of the year that are more popular for weddings - October and November, and January to April. You'll find like other wedding suppliers, celebrants are booked one to two years in advance. So don’t leave it until the last minute – book your date early so you're not disappointed.

What documents will we need to show to be married?

You will each need to show me identification documents when lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage.

The identification required to prove your birth date, place of birth and photo identification is:

  • Your Birth Certificate or your Passport (Australian or overseas); and

  • Photo identification eg Passport (Australian or overseas), driver's licence or WA photo card.

Scanned copies of your original ID can be emailed to me.

If either of you have been married before, I will need to see evidence of how that marriage ended (e.g. death, divorce or nullity).

If one of you is under 18 years of age, you will need to be given consent and court approval. That document will need to be shown to me.

What is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and how do we lodge it?

The Notice of Intended Marriage Form is a form that any couple getting married in Australia must lodge with their celebrant.

I help couples complete the information on the NOIM and use an online system to make it so easy. The NOIM is considered lodged when I receive and witness it.

If one of you is unable to be present at the lodgment of the NOIM, there are several ways to meet the requirements, which I can let you know.

If you are overseas, you can complete the NOIM and have it witnessed by a public notary, then send it to me for lodging. Ask me to tell you how to do this.

The NOIM must be lodged no later than one month before your wedding date. If you're marriage does not take place within 18 months of lodging the NOIM, it will expire.

My partner is away and cannot sign the Notice of Intended Marriage. What can I do?

The NOIM can be lodged with only one signature. Your partner will need to sign the NOIM before your wedding day.

What happens if my partner cannot speak or understand English?

This isn’t a problem — just let me know when you make your booking so I can let you know the procedure and how to contact the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

An interpreter will be required to attend meetings and your wedding ceremony on the day.

If you have identification and divorce documents that are not in English, you will need to have these translated, and at your cost.

Do we need to have two witnesses at our ceremony?

Yes. You need to have two witnesses who are both 18 years or older.

They must be able to understand what is said during the ceremony and will each sign the marriage register at the end of the ceremony.

The witnesses can be in your wedding party but you might like to ask mum or dad, siblings, nan or long as they are over 18.

You don't need to have a witness each.

Your witnesses do not have to prove their identity or be residents of Australia.

Can we change our wedding date if our plans change?

If I don't have another booking on your new date, I'll be happy to do your ceremony.

If I'm unable to perform your ceremony on the new date, I'll suggest another celebrant for you to contact. When you have found your new celebrant, I will transfer the Notice of Intended Marriage over to them to meet the legal requirements.

Your booking fee of $200 is non-refundable.

What happens if we decide to change the wedding venue?

Changing the venue is no problem but you will need to let me know well in advance as I may have another ceremony booked.

I plan my travel between bookings to make sure that I am always there at least 30 minutes before. Your new venue may mean I can't do this so we really need to talk about it well before the day.

The package you initially accepted would have included travel to a venue within 50 kms of the Perth CBD, which will also apply to the new venue.

However if the new venue is further than 50 kms, a travel fee will be discussed with you.

I intend to live overseas. Will my Australian marriage be recognised there?

If you marry in Australia but intend to live or work in another country, you'll need to have your official Marriage Certificate certified as authentic for the relevant overseas country.

In most cases an Apostille Stamp (which you can obtain from the Australian Passport Office) proves that an Australian registered Marriage Certificate is authentic and genuine.

This is quite a simple procedure, but you need to allow time to finalise this after your marriage, and before you travel overseas.

Also, for some countries, a different procedure is required, so you should check what's required as soon as possible.

You can find out more from the Australian Passport Office.

Can we have whatever we like in our ceremony?

I'll craft a beautiful personal ceremony with endless rewrites until you're 100% happy. You can include poems, reading, rituals like candle lighting, sand blending, hand tying, wine pouring, music... it's your ceremony, your day, your way.

But (yep there's a but) there are two sections that must be included: the Monitum (this is legal wording that I must say) and the legal Vows that each of you must say. Unless these are in your ceremony and heard by your two witnesses and anyone else present, your marriage will not be legal.

Do we have to use a microphone?

No. Using my sound system and microphone is a choice you can make. However a couple of things to consider. Your witnesses must hear the legal wording of your ceremony. It's also important to consider your guests. If they can't hear what's being said, they'll switch off. So if you're having a very intimate small wedding, we can probably go without the sound system and microphone. If you're having a big wedding and especially if it's outside, I really recommend using it.

Will you officiate a same sex marriage ceremony?

Absolutely! I was over the moon when the ‘yes’ vote gave everyone the right to marry the love of their life. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of conducting some amazing same sex marriage ceremonies. Each time I get to say the new wording for the monetum – Marriage in Australia is the union of two people – my heart gives a little fist pump! I feel extremely comfortable with any couple but it's important that you feel comfortable with me, so take up my offer of a free 'meet and greet' and let's see if we 'click'!