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Updated: Apr 23

Chloe and Blake embarked on a wedding vision that embraced their love of the beach, and had a touch of tradition but without the fuss, resulting in a dream day for their elopement, that was authentically them.

They chose to be married on the beach at Wedge Island in Western Australia. The ‘sandpit’ as their children call it. A place where, as a family, they have built sandcastles in the white sand, splashed in the crystal-clear aqua water, and watched stunning sunsets.

Award winning and one of Australia’s top photographer’s, Simone Harris, was there to capture every sweet and intimate moment of Chloe and Blake’s morning ceremony, and made the experience of photos being taken, easy and so much fun.

Chloe dressed into her lace wedding gown and put on a family heirloom pearl necklace, inside one of the rustic tin shacks, decorated with surfboards and old craypot floats.

Blake unpacked his blue suit and shoes from the 4WD he’d driven down from Geraldton in that morning, then headed to the beach to choose the perfect spot, and wait for the girl he had fallen madly in love with 4 ½ years ago.

With the waves washing the shore and the wind blowing,Chloe and Blake tied the knot with Anne Miller, as their marriage celebrant. The date 10th November 2023 will forever remain etched in their memories as the day they celebrated their love. Just the two of them.

Delve into Chloe and Blake’s beachside wedding, the morning light, the wind tossing Chloe’s dress, the candid and spontaneous moments between the newlyweds, that resonated with the couple’s commitment to an understated celebration of love.


Ceremony: Anne Miller Marriage Celebrant

Photography: Simone Harris Photography

Location: Wedge Island, Western Australia

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