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Updated: Apr 23

Wedding signs, from the informative to the clever, to the just plain silly – there’s a sign for it. But do you really need to have signs at your wedding? Well no, but…they are a perfect way to inject your personalities into your day and the fastest and easiest way to give a message to your guests.

I remember the first wedding I went to had a sign saying – This way to the I do’s! At first I thought the sign was a bit unnecessary because it was pretty obvious where the ceremony was going to be held. But you know it’s amazing how many guests arrive at venues and ask – is this the right way to B & B’s wedding? Having a couple’s name and directions to their ceremony at venues, especially those that might have multiple wedding events on one day, is especially helpful.

You can make your own signs using small pieces of light plywood or floorboards, or purchase a chalkboard to write on. If the budget will stretch far enough, get your signs designed professionally on Perspex, mirrors or white board.

You can buy cheap second-hand signs through DIY wedding groups on Facebook or look on Gumtree. Repurpose the signs by writing your own details or quotes if the original isn't appropriate.

Tips on using wedding signs

I'm sure there's more but here's nine reasons for having signs at your wedding.

1. Directions in a fun way

If you've booked a venue and want to let guests know where the ceremony is, where they grab refreshments, or take a funny photo in the booth you've hired, then pop it on a sign.

2. Unplugged ceremony

We all do it. Whenever we see something really important, we whip out our phone and take a photo. If you're having an unplugged wedding, let your guests know that you want them to put their devices away and give you their undivided attention and be present in the moment. Backup plan just in case everyone hasn't read the sign - ask your celebrant to politely ask your guests to put their devices away, especially mum's who sometimes just can't help themselves!

3. Marriage and love quotes

Do a quick search for quotes and find one that you love and pop it on a sign. This one has been written on wooden floor planks that you can buy at hardware shops.

4. Our love story with significant dates

One of my couple several years ago wrote their love story on a chalkboard to add a personal touch to their wedding and to let guests know - baby #2 was on his/her way. Cute!

5. Acknowledging loved ones who are no longer with us

Often couples ask me how they can acknowledge loved ones no longer with us at their ceremony or wedding. This sign was placed by one of my couples on a table in their reception area along with photos of their relatives.

6. Which side do we sit?

Gone are the days when you had to sit on the side of the bride or the groom. Now, it really doesn't matter. You want your family and friends to mix and meet at your wedding, not be divided. But old habits die hard, so use a sign to invite your guests to sit on either side. Remember to let your celebrant know that you're happy for guests to sit wherever too.

If you want Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop or your siblings sitting in the front row, make sure they know before the day or if you have a wedding coordinator, give them a seating plan ahead of time. You can also put little reserved signs on the seats you want kept for someone in particular.

7. How the day will run

Letting your guests know how the day is going to run is always a good idea! Important times for each part of your day can be written on a sign. Also ask your celebrant to include near the end of your ceremony any instructions for your guests For example: Just before we cheer M & T down the aisle, here's a couple of things you need to know about what's happening after the congratulations.

8. Quotes about love and marriage

There are so many funny, romantic and weird quotes that you can write on sign. Lyrics from your favourite song are also a great idea like this by the Beatles - All you need is love (not sure that mojitos were mentioned in their song). How perfect would this neon sign be lighting up the drinks station or bar at your wedding reception!

9. Photos If you're setting up a photo booth at your reception or having a kombi photo booth parked outside, let your guests know that you want them to snap as many photos as they like. Don't forget to pop into the photo booth too with some guests! They might be the photos you just love the most from your wedding day!

Whatever signs you choose to have at your wedding, here's a couple of tips.

1. Keep the message short and sweet.

2. Ask someone to check the message. Does it make sense? Is everything spelt correctly?

3. Place the signs in a conspicuous position for guests to see and read easily.

4. Don't go overboard with too many signs.

5. If the weather forecast says rain (sorry), use a white permanent marker rather than chalk or all your hard work might get washed away.

Happy sign writing xx Anne

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