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Updated: Apr 23

On your wedding day your marriage celebrant will give you the Official Commemorative Marriage Certificate - or I like to call it, your 'permission to party' certificate. It's fancy, has your names on it, your celebrant's name, and the location and date of your wedding. You, your witnesses and your celebrant all sign it.

Most couples do the signing as part of their ceremony while their guests listen to some music and watch on. It's a time when your photographer will take some shots of you and your witnesses and the certificate - just in case you need proof it's now totally official! You might like to use the signing time to disappear out of sight. This gives you a few minutes to soak up the fact that you're ‘hitched’ before heading out to celebrate and party with your guests.

(Kevin McGinn Photography)

Don’t lose it!

Your certificate has a unique number that is registered to you and your marriage. It’s an important document that cannot be replaced.

Your celebrant will ask you who you would like them to hand your certificate to after the ceremony has finished – so choose someone you absolutely trust! Preferably not a member of your wedding party or family as they’re going to be needed for photos and won’t want to be holding your certificate or they might pop it down somewhere and forget to pick it up later.

Is this the certificate we show as legal evidence of our marriage?

Your party certificate is a legal document and evidence that you’re married. But…it isn’t the one you need to show when you want to change your name on your driver’s licence and passport.

You will need to apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages and pay a fee to receive an extract of your marriage certificate. It will look like your birth certificate – not fancy but proof of your marriage.

If you're married in peak wedding season it may take a little longer to be processed but usually it's around two to three weeks after your marriage has been conducted that you'll receive it in the mail.

I like to do the application for my couples, so ask me about this when we meet.

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How do we apply for the certificate in Western Australia?

To find out more click here or contact me

Signing off, Anne xx

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