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Updated: Apr 23

Getting married involves a lot of planning, so when we get to creating your ceremony I want it to be just as relaxed and exciting as the actual day of your ceremony itself. So how do I go about making that are the steps that we’ll take together to plan and create your ceremony.

Book an online meeting to plan your ceremony. This is usually takes around 30 minutes and we'll talk about everything from the songs you want played, who's in your wedding party if you're having on, how you'd like to acknowledge family and friends, through to the very end of the ceremony.

There will be a lot of questions, sorry, but the more things I know about you and the decisions we make, will bring your ceremony together. You don't have to have all the answers right there in that meeting.

Getting your love story right, is so important to me. We'll talk about what brought you together, what you love about each other, what marriage means to you, how you see your future ahead, and anything else that will make your ceremony authentically you.

Personal vows are not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're fairly certain that you'd like to include these in your ceremony, I'll share tips I have about starting to write your vows. If you choose to not do personal vows, then I also have some ideas on how to do that too.

Then it's time for me to write your ceremony using all the fabulous things you've shared with me, the decisions we've made about elements of your ceremony, and knowing the vibe that you want me to create, it's now over to me to bring everything together for you.

A month before your wedding, I'll send you the draft so you can make any changes. Or if you'd like it to stay a surprise until the day, we can do that too.

The week of your wedding, we'll do another online meeting to run through your ceremony from start to finish, like a rehearsal, but from the comfort of your couch. Any parts of the ceremony you are unsure of like who's standing where, when you get the microphone and vows, when to put the rings on, which will drop your stress levels because you'll know how everything will run and flow, leaving you to be able to just relax and enjoy that special moment on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is such an incredible and significant moment in your lives, and I want you to know that you and your ceremony in safe hands.

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