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Be the best man for your mate before, on and after the wedding

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Being asked by your mate to be his best man is a special honour. Yes it means you're going to have lots of fun planning the buck's party and getting him ready on the wedding day. But what other responsibilities are expected of a best man? What can you do to help your mate relax and enjoy the moment they marry the love of their life. Here's a few tips.

(Photo: Trish Woodford Photography at Baldivis Farm, Western Australia)

Before the wedding

  1. Find out what clothing the groom and their partner would like you and the others to wear on the day.

  2. Organise a day for you and the groomsmen to buy or hire clothing for the wedding. If a groomsman can't get there on the day, have them send you their measurements so you can organise their clothing.

  3. Check with the groom if he wants to have a buck's party. If he does, choose a date well before the wedding day and plan it with the other groomsmen. Collect any money before the party to help cover costs.

  4. Attend all pre-wedding events including the engagement party and ceremony rehearsal.

  5. Write your speech for the reception. Don't wing it! If you need inspiration - google best man wedding speeches. Ask a friend for constructive feedback if you're not sure it's hitting the mark. Practise reading it aloud.

(Photo: Trish Woodford Photography at Baldivis Farm, Western Australia)

On the wedding day

  1. It's a big day for the groom so be there to offer your reassurance, keep him calm and focused, and be ready to give him a pat on the back with some encouraging words like 'you've got this mate'.

  2. Keep an eye on the clock and make sure the groom and other groomsmen are on schedule to get to the venue at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

  3. Check you've safely packed the rings and your speech.

  4. Welcome guests to the wedding, direct them where to put gifts and cards, and answer any questions they may have about where to sit and what time things get underway.

  5. Assemble the groom and groomsmen about 10 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. Check everyone is looking good, standing the same, sunglasses off (or on if that's the groom's choice).

  6. Posing for photos may not be your favourite thing but remember they will be memories for your mate so smile!

After the wedding

  1. Once the newlyweds have left, stick around. The couple's family may need help with cleaning up, packing gifts in cars, or checking that all the guests have transport home and have left the venue.

  2. Take responsibility for returning the groom's and groomsmen's hired clothing on time.

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