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Updated: Apr 23

Rose petals, bubbles, glitter tossed over the happy couple as they dance their way down the aisle just smacks of happiness, joy and fun! What an amazing moment for your photographer to capture when you're being 'rained' on!

But our thoughts over the last few decades about the environment and the impact of non-biodegradable products such as confetti has seen a change in rules about its use as most venues have now banned the traditional confetti throw.

So what else can you use? Rose petals, flower petals, dried wildflowers, lavender buds are very popular. The beautiful perfume from the flowers is not only delightful, but they're colourful and make such a romantic photo as they float gently down over the couple.

Recently couples have taken to hole-punching heart shapes out of gum leaves. Not as colourful as flower petals but gosh, they still look pretty and will break down over a few weeks.

Bubble blowing (probably not the best option if you're getting married at the beach) is another popular option. Little tubes filled with bubble mixture can be purchased cheaply online or at supermarkets. Or why not go over-the-top and pump them out using a bubble blowing machine.

Just a word of warning, try not to let the bubbles land on your wedding dress. Though it's just soap and water, it's possible that it could stain. Maybe test the mixture by blowing bubbles directly onto some of your everyday clothes before your wedding day. It it leaves a ring stain, move onto another product.

So before you go ahead and start hole-punching heart shapes out of gum leaves, or raiding the neighbours' front yards for rose or bougainvillea petals, or buying gigantic sparklers …check with your venue or council if you’re having a park or beach wedding. Find out what their requirements are and any associated costs that you could get landed with for cleaning up, if you choose not to stick to the rules.

And if you choose to not have a 'confetti' toss ... why not have your celebrant ask guests to create a Mexican wave or give high-fives as you leave down the aisle.

Love to hear your ideas.

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