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Updated: Apr 23

Years ago couples went to church to get married and what was said in the ceremony was probably a bit of a surprise. Today couples have total control of their ceremony!

Creating your ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can only be as fabulous and awesome as the information that you share with me. You don’t have to share absolutely everything but the more you tell me the better I will understand you as a couple.

Okay here come those words that you might grimace at … trust me. I have years of experience as a celebrant and I know how to write a killer ceremony. I’ll know what information to use and what needs to stay just between us – never to see the light of day!

Ceremony 'workshop' time

About six weeks before your wedding date, I will book in a time with you to ‘workshop’ your ceremony. I’ll ask you a heap of questions like:

· Where and when did you meet?

· What did you first like about your partner?

· When was the proposal? Was it a surprise, funny, romantic – all three or more?

· What do you love about your partner now? What does your partner do that drives you just a little bit crazy?

· What songs have you chosen? Are they meaningful to you or do you just like them?

· Do you want any family members acknowledged or thanked? Do you want loved ones who have passed acknowledged?

· How will the wedding party make an entrance?

· Would you like to include the ‘I do’ question? For example: Do you choose Matt to be your husband? Do you promise to love him faithfully, honestly and truly? It's not a legal requirement but it can be the perfect way to start the formal part of your ceremony?

· Are you writing personal vows? Do you need to help write your vows? (Don't panic, I have lots of samples to give you inspiration and ideas.)

· Is there anything that you’ve been thinking of including but don’t know if it’s appropriate or how to do it?

· Who will be your witnesses? (I will need to have their full names spelt correctly.)

· Is there anything you do or don’t want said in your ceremony? (Is there a family situation that I need to know about?)

All of these questions will make your ceremony authentic and will let your personalities and love shine through. Your ceremony has to be perfect for you – not just any couple.

(Thanks Simone Harris Photography for this photo taken at Nedlands Yacht Club)

To create your ceremony, my promise is…

· I will listen to your thoughts and wishes for your ceremony and capture the feel you want.

· I will incorporate anything in it that you want - traditions, rituals, readings, hand tying, sand blending, candle lighting, wine pouring...just let me know.

· I will send you a draft and ask for your feedback. I will make changes until you’re 100% happy.

· I will stick to the script so on the day you’ll know exactly what will be said and how your ceremony will roll all the way through to the moment that changes your lives forever – when I declare you as married!

So if you’d like to know more about my role in getting your marriage ceremony right, drop me a line. Or if you have any question about your marriage ceremony (even if I'm not your celebrant) I’m happy to try to answer it.

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