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Updated: Apr 23

Cinderella may have left her glass slipper behind after running away from the ball but at least she could run! Plus the fairy tale would have been pretty boring – right? You’re going to be in your wedding shoes for at least 8 hours – so how are your feet going to feel at the end of the day?

Sure, I get that the perfect shoes will set off the perfect dress you’ve chosen, but where do you draw the line and choose between comfortable and chic? Or can you choose a pair that your feet will thank you for and still look elegant – not to mention be the belle of the ball (well you get what I mean).

Want a few tips? Okay, here we go…

What style of dress are you wearing? If you’re going vintage, maybe peep toes or some lacy flats. If it’s quirky – you can’t go passed a pair of pink boots or sneakers. Sleek and elegant – yep, heels are the go – but how high and how pointy do they really need to be?

Where will your ceremony be? If you’re standing on the beach in sand – choose sparkly sandals that you can flick off. On a grassy hillside – wedges or flats or buy a pair of heel stoppers so you don’t sink. Walking down rocky stairs? Definitely not the 10 cm stilettos!

Are you just about as tall as your partner? If wearing high sexy shoes that make you tower over your partner doesn’t faze you or your partner – go for it! If it does, shoes with a kitten heel will be perfect.

And now that dreaded B word! Budget. Yep it must be said. Buy those unbelievable ‘to die for’ Jimmy Choos but be prepared to miss out on a few hours extra of your DJ or photographer. And you know, cheap doesn’t have to be nasty! Shop around, there’s bargains out there. Take up the challenge, find the cheapest you can – but don’t let anyone know.

It's your day, your wedding. Don’t stress! Go with your heart and head, don’t listen to what others suggest or what you think you should wear.

And when the cake’s been cut and you’re ready to party – have a pair of flats handy so you can dance the night away! Be Cinderella who stays at the ball (so to speak). After all – girls just wanna have fun not sore feet!

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