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Updated: Apr 23

First of all, I have to throw out the disclaimer that there are no rules around who pays for your wedding. Traditionally the bride's family would pay for the majority of the wedding but today many couples are choosing to take on all, or most, of the wedding costs on their own. While others opt for a three-way split between themselves and family members. If that works for everyone, it's an easy way to do it.

Here are ten tips for planning and sticking to your wedding budget

  1. Take the time and set your budget.

  2. Don't underestimate the costs - be realistic.

  3. Get quotes from your wedding suppliers and lock in their prices.

  4. Decide if you need financial help and if yes, how much and what you would like your family to cover.

  5. Explain to your family your wedding plans and the costs.

  6. Strike a balance that works for everyone and if it's not your hoped for outcome, either reset your budget or pick up the extra yourself.

  7. Set up a wedding account.

  8. Create a spreadsheet with all the costs for your wedding. Keep track of all expenditure.

  9. Pay invoices as they come in so you can manage your budget.

  10. If it looks like your budget is going to be blown - reset it. Make tough decision about you really need for your wedding rather than what you want.

Finally, if you're having a wedding party, decide what you will and won't pay for such as hair and make-up, dress, shoes, accommodation etc. Then when you ask your friend to be in your wedding party, be upfront and let them know what you are asking them to pay for. This will give your friends the opportunity to decide if they can or cannot afford to be in your wedding party. If they can't, respect their decision because it won't have been an easy one to make. The last thing you want as you are getting ready to celebrate one of the biggest life moments is to lose a friend over money.

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