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Updated: Apr 23

I want to give you the best wedding ceremony possible that's both enjoyable and memorable from beginning to end and keeps you and your guests entertained. So how do I do that? My approach to ceremony design is always to involve you and draw inspiration from you as a couple to create something unique and amazing.

The best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own. It's all about creating a ceremony that is 'you' - authentically you! Your guests know you really well, so if I start reading a 'lovey dove' poem or you say vows that I've written for you, they're going to wonder why and that's not what I want.

Here's a few ways I can add sparkle and sprinkle the love throughout your ceremony.

1. Let me tell your love story

This is what makes your ceremony authentic and perfectly you. I weave everything you've shared with me into your ceremony like how you met and became a couple, what you love about each other, and your hopes and dreams for your future. Don't worry, I'll pick the best bits and make them beautiful and funny so you and your guests can have a laugh.

2. Thank the ones who are important to you

You've chosen those closest to you to witness the moment you say 'I do' so why not let them know how much they mean to you. I will sprinkle the names of important family and friends throughout your ceremony. For example:

  • If your parents have welcomed your relationship into their hearts and families, and always been there for you over the years, let's give them a big thank you.

  • Are there loved ones you want remembered? I can say their names and that they are missed or you can do something symbolic like lighting a candle or placing their photo on a chair.

  • Give a shout out to those who played a part in bringing you together.

  • I can introduce your wedding party and tell any very short funny stories about them and you, that explain why you've chosen them to be standing next to you.

  • Fur babies might not need introducing but definitely a mention.

3. Write your own vows

The moment you exchange your vows is really the heart of your ceremony and it will be the moment that your guests will be most interested in. Vows add colour and sparkle to your ceremony and make it more heart-warming for your guests to witness. If you're worried about writing a vow, I'll help you and give you tips on how to make it through from start to finish when you say them on your wedding day.

4. Out of the box ideas

I love, love, love when couples say 'We're thinking we might do this - what do you think?' Yes! I'm open to your ideas and will weave them into your ceremony. For example:

  • Give each guest a raffle ticket and draw two names out of hat and they're your witness.

  • Sing your walking out song and do a Mexican wave rather than a confetti toss.

  • Down a couple of shots or pour a glass of champers to toast yourselves and your marriage.

  • Include a hand tying or ring warming.

  • Flash mob read lyrics to your favourite song or poem.

  • Flower person spreads rose petals down the aisle before you arrive.

  • Set off fireworks as you walk down the aisle.

  • Take a selfie with your guests in the background.

  • Set your guests in a circle with you in the middle.

  • Toss the bouquet before you leave the ceremony.

  • Ask your guests to send me one word that describes you as a couple.

So let's make your wedding ceremony sparkle and sprinkle the love!

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