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Updated: Apr 23

Adding rituals to your ceremony might not be your kind of thing. In fact most of my couples when I ask them if they’d like to include a ritual, raise their eyebrows quizzically. A few minutes later, after I’ve explained that I’m not talking about sacrificing a goat or chicken or saying a weird chant, usually brings a quick ‘nup, not for us’ reply.

But just occasionally I’m asked ‘tell us more, that sounds like us!’

There are so many rituals that you can include in your ceremony – candle lighting, sand pouring, shot drinking, hand tying… but here's one that might spike your interest... a wine box.

Wine (or spirits or champagne) box

To do this, you’ll need to buy a bottle of your favourite wine and a wooden box. Some wines may already come in a box but if yours doesn’t, art and craft stores or bottle shops sell them, or you might like to make one yourself.

Before your wedding day, take some time (not while drinking the wine – keep the cork in) to write why you fell in love with your partner, what you love about them and why you’re marrying them.

Pop the cards into an envelope (no peeping) and give them to your celebrant.

On your wedding day

At the appropriate moment in your ceremony, usually after the vows and exchange of rings, your celebrant will say some wording such as:

Jack and Kate have chosen to include a wine box ritual in their ceremony today. They’ve selected a wine that they both enjoy and know, that like their relationship, will become better as the years go by. They have written a love letter to each other, which I have here in these envelopes. Their letters are sealed and say why they fell in love, what they love about each other and the reasons they have chosen to marry today. Jack and Kate, I’ll ask you now to seal the box together.

The sealing can be done using small tacks and hammer, or if the box has a glass lid - slide the lid on, or use sticks of wax and a seal to add more whimsy to the occasion.

Then finally…

On your seventh anniversary, because apparently some couples may go through a ‘7 year itch’ but also your wine will be perfect for drinking by then ... set up a romantic date-night, open the box, and while enjoying the wine, read the love letters you’ve written to each other to remind you of this day and the promises you’ve made to one another.

What do you think? Is a wine box ritual for you? I've lots of other ideas that I'll happily share with you when we meet.


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