Pucker up!

I now pronounce you married! Time to seal your marriage with a KISS! Eek!

You do it all the time, and yeah I get it – not usually in front of your family or friends or anyone else who’s there on the day,watching. But, that first kiss is so important. It’s going to be captured by your photographer – even if it’s a bad one!

So here’s some tips for getting it right (or as close to perfect as you can).

Think how you want that photo to look. Long and lingering? A cute peck? The dramatic romantic dip as you hold each other and press lips to lips? Arms around each other? Head tilted back? A hand placed gently on the cheek? A soft tender kiss with a slight smile? Okay, okay, you get what I mean.

Keep it PG. This isn’t the time to show everyone your mouth manoeuvres. Save the passionate kiss for later.

How long are you going to hold that first kiss? Try the 10 seconds rule – no shorter, no longer. Your photographer will love you if you kiss long enough for them to capture multiple shots.

And there you go, you're done! Not happy with the first one? Do it again – who says it has to be only one!

So when that big moment happens, be ready. Oh, and don’t forget to ask your celebrant to be right of the shot when you sharing that perfect kiss. You don’t wait the moment spoilt with your celebrant beaming in between you both or the photo spoilt because you can see their arm or leg as they race madly to get out of the way.

Pucker up. Enjoy that kiss...it's the start of many more to come x x x x

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