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Updated: Apr 23

It’s so easy to get carried away in the moment when you’re standing in front of the mirror, looking amazing in the wedding gown you've always dreamed of wearing on your big day. Everyone is 'ooing and aahing' and mum or dad (or both) will probably have happy tears rolling down their face as they see their little girl twirling around. Here's a few tips to from when to start shopping to helping you find 'the dress' that will make you look stunning on the big day.

When should you buy your wedding gown?

When did you start shopping for your wedding gown? As soon as the ring went on? Some girls put their gown at the top of their list. And why not? It's not often we get to put on a couture gown. Did you know that wedding gowns can take anywhere from 4-10 months to be made. And then if you’re buying from overseas, you'll need to factor in shipping times, plus alterations and multiple fittings. Total time – maybe 12 months to be ready! So unless there's a really good reason to wait...start the car and go shopping!

Who will you take shopping with you?

A couple of things to think about. Check how many guests your salon will let you take, especially right now with physically distancing rules for the Corona virus. Ask yourself, who really needs to be there. If dad’s paying for the dress – he might just like an invite. Choose someone who understands that 'you' are the one choosing the dress and so you need them to be positive, supportive and helpful, and not get grumpy when you want to try on 'just one more' when you've already tried on heaps. If you want your dress to stay a surprise until the big day, you'll need someone who is able to keep your secret and not take a sneaky photo and post it online? Is there a friend who you haven't been able to include in the wedding party and would be thrilled to help you find your dress? Or do you want to go it alone and trust your instincts and pick the dress that makes you feel most like yourself?

What style and colour should you choose and more...

I started to write this part of my blog and then found this totally informative blog on The Bridestory website

What is your budget?

A one-off designer wedding gown covered in crystals and sequins will not come with a cheap price tag. So set a budget for your dress and stick to it. Yeah I know...boring but true. You don't want to have nagging thoughts or regrets about the cost of your dress and spoil your day or keep you in debt for months after. Consider buying a second-hand dress...but don't tell anyone, that's yours to know and theirs never to find out.

Happy wedding gown shopping!

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