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Updated: Apr 23

The iPad didn’t start when it was supposed to (no-one realised it needed to be connected to the mains because the battery is a little on the old side) and now the wedding party is walking down the aisle to no music!

Your Uncle Peter insisted he could read that poem (that really romantic one by Keats that you and your partner both get misty eyed over) but you had your doubts — and now it’s really clear that he overestimated, and overpromoted, his abilities.

And you’re sweating (very delicate) because you don’t know if you’re standing in the right place – and if you should pass your bouquet or hang onto it a bit longer!

A lot of couples ask me in the lead up to their wedding day if they should have a Rehearsal and I always say – yes! If they can manage it, do it!

Think about it this way. You go to see a great creative performance that the cast has diligently rehearsed probably millions of times (give or take). As a result, it goes so smoothly or at least appears to.

Except if it’s improv. And of course, that’s the whole point of improv.

Your ceremony isn’t improv (unless you’re cool with that – in which case, so am I).

With some prior practice, if there are any creases in the actual performance, the audience is less likely to notice. And the cast is a lot more relaxed because they feel prepared for anything.

So, if you’re considering a rehearsal, I’ve created a super quick handout for you (even if you’ve been to one before or you already know how they work).

Whether you decide to have a rehearsal or not, rest assured that I’ll be gently guiding you throughout the ceremony and will let everyone know what they’re supposed to be doing.

If it doesn’t all go to plan, remember it’s often the quirky little things that happen (including the so-called “mistakes”) that make ceremonies personal and special. The rehearsal isn’t necessarily about perfection; just about feeling ready for anything so you can enjoy that special moment on your wedding day.

Download my free Rehearsals handout to get your questions answered.

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