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Updated: Apr 23

If you're getting ready to walk up the aisle and are trying to decide who will be by your side, read on for some different options that will give you the amazing moment that you deserve.

Let me throw tradition out the window and start by can have whoever you want to walk you up the aisle, a parent, both parents, a special relative or friend, your child or sibling, your fur baby...the list goes on.

It's your wedding so it is entirely up to you and your partner how you decide to start your wedding.

1. Walk up the aisle with your mum or dad or both

Having one or both of your parents escort you down the aisle is a wonderful way to involve them in your ceremony. Think of this more like a stroll into the next chapter of your life with the two people who’ve had your back from the very beginning. Not sure where to put your arms if it's the three of you? Link arms with one parent and have the other one place his or her hands on the front and back of your bicep.

2. Walk with grandma, pop, uncle, stepdad, aunt, brother, sister...

If for whatever reason your parents aren't who you would like by your side on the day, think of someone who has been a prominent figure in your life. They will be thrilled when you ask them.

3. Walk with your love

Walking in together is a powerful way to start your ceremony. It says 'we've come here together and we will walk together for the rest of our lives'. If you really want to maximise the entrance drama, you can also enter one from the left side and one from the right side and then meet in the centre at the back of the aisle to walk up together as equal partners.

4. Walk alone.

Will this look silly or like you don't have someone special to ask? No! It allows you to have a moment all of your own and to truly recognise who got you to that moment - yourself! Show your strength and independence by walking in alone.

5. Come on pooch - let's go

If your dog is your best friend and loves to 'walk' why not let your fur baby escort you. Sure there'll be a few logistics to consider like does the venue allow you to bring in pets, and who will look after pooch if they get nervous in front of your guests, but really, these can be worked through. Plus there are lots of companies out there now offering 'pet attendant' services.

6. Walk with your children

Including your kids in your wedding day can happen in many ways, but walking with you down the aisle is a very special moment and clearly says - love me, love my kids too.

And if none of these ideas spin your wheels, toss everything in the air...and do it your way.

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