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Updated: Apr 23

Thinking about writing your own wedding vows but you just can't get started?

The moment your partner hears all the beautiful words you've written just for them, will be a moment of your ceremony that you'll always remember.

But, it's not easy in fact it's a tremendous undertaking trying to sum up in a few short minutes your unique love story and what makes your relationship tick, plus tell your partner why they are the love of your life and make a few promises too. So here's something that will help you.

I've written a "Wedding Vows Inspo" guide that will help you put pen to paper and write your vows for the most intimate moment in your ceremony - in fact the heart of your ceremony.

Your vows are about you, so they can be whatever you want - funny, romantic, short or long. Or maybe with a touch of traditional wording thrown in like 'for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health'.

My biggest tip is don't search the internet looking for what to say. There are no rules except one...your vows need to be authentic, even if you've used some ideas from my samples! (Yes I give you a few.)

The guide will:

  • Give you inspiration

  • Lead you through some simple planning steps to capture your thoughts

  • Explain the do's and don'ts when writing your vows

  • Help you to craft the vows and promises you want to make on your big day

  • Give you tips on how to say your vows on your wedding day

  • And in case you get stuck...a few wedding vow samples.

So settle in together, have a read through this guide, talk about your vows and agree on how

you want them to be. I know you can do it!

Wedding Vow Inspo
Download PDF • 14.28MB

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