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What actually happens in a wedding ceremony?

We all know that there's usually vows, rings and a kiss at the end, but is there an order of events and what must be in a ceremony to make your wedding legal.

First of all remember, it's your wedding so if you have idea, fabulous! I love to be creative and bring your dream ceremony to life.

Here's a sample ceremony. You don't have to include everything, just the Monitum which I say, and the Legal Vows which you both say.

(Photo CK Images, Western Australia)

Casual announcements by Celebrant

(eg turn off phones, unplugged wedding, cheer the wedding party down the aisle, etc)

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Family and Friends

Readings or Quotes (might not be your thing, but is a lovely way to have someone special play a part in your ceremony)

Asking of Intent (or the "I do" part)

The Rings

Sign the Marriage Register and Certificates (the couple, two witnesses and the Celebrant)

Recessional (music playing for the exit of the couple and wedding party)

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